Lower Elementary

Ages 6 - 9

In a Montessori Lower Elementary classroom, you will find students working at small tables or rugs on the floor, moving about the room to get the materials they need for their lessons. Teachers regularly observe the children to see what interests and academic or developmental needs they have, and present lessons based on these observations.

Within the elementary curriculum there is a focus on cosmic education. Children enter the second plane of development and they begin to question the world around them. They want to understand the world so they can start on the path to find their purpose. Within cosmic education, we expose the child to as much of the world as we can with a major focus on cultural studies.

In this 6-9 year old classroom, a great deal of project-based learning is also part of the curriculum. Our focus is to teach children language and math so they have the tools to explore the other wonders of the world: science, history, geography, etc. The elementary program also begins to incorporate limited technology as a tool for research, typing reports, etc. We hope you will come visit to see for yourself!

Program Options:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 3:30
Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 4:30
Requirements: Children must be 6 by October 1st. Parent/Caregiver interviews will be scheduled for families new to our school, prior to official enrollment.*
*Exceptions may be made based on parent-admin conversation.